One of the great features of the Barnett 1400 is the size of its cockpit. There is ample room for two adults with a generous footwell that allows for the sailors to have their legs below them vs at their chest. The depth of the cockpit is over 13 inches. What does this mean to you, it means you can spend the whole day sailing and be comfortable and not crammed into a boat.

Whether you are sailing alone or have friends along for the day you have plenty of deck space and cockpit room.

The 1400 comes standard with a kickup rudder. Make your launching much easier.

The Barnett 1400 is easy to launch. Getting your boat out on the water should be easy. The Barnett 1400 is a breeze to launch from shore, or move it around either by hand or with a dolly. This boat is built strong but light and two people can easily lift and launch it. 


If you are a trailer sailor, nothing is easier then rigging on the trailer and putting in the water. 

The Barnett 1400 is the only sailboat of its size that offers an optional jib kit. Are you looking for more performance? The jib kit offers you the opportunity to experience the benefits of single mainsail and then be able to switch too a main and jib combination. No other boat this size offers this.

Your new boat is built with quality in mind. All hardware is Harken on the 1400. Your mast is a two piece Windward mast designed to be put together and taken apart with ease. It is clear coat annodized for long life and durability.


The hull and deck are constructed of the finest resin and gelcoat on the market for long life and great cosmetic appearance.

Order your new Barnett 1400 in a color and design you design yourself. We are one of the few builders that offers this straight from the factory.

Center strip design. Cool with your choice of color.

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